Sandblasted Vinyl (additional)

4mm Clear toughend used in our 26mm Frame. 5mm Clear Toughend used when frameless with Bullet brackets.

Plexiglass Clear / Sandblasted / Solid

3mm Clear / Frosted / Solid used in our 26mm frame. 5mm used when frameless with Bullet brackets.

Sandblasted Vinyl

Vinyl available on glass, polycarbonate or Plexiglass. Standard sandblast vinyl is used for full frost or stripes. Full colour prints and logos available on request

Magnetic Whiteboard

A metal sheet that has been coated in white paint and treated to allow write and wipe.


Any fabric can be used provided that it is
1400 Width or more.
Additional fabric required if it has a pattern.

Pin Board under Fabric

3mm SPX33 foam is used under the fabric to accommodate for pins and press-stud


4mm clear used in our 26mm frame.

Economy –Frameless Screen 

16mm chipboard covered with a stitched fabric bag and 2 economy brackets included. Above picture is our standard shape.

Wooden Screen

16mm Double faced melamine is used in our 26mm frame. Powder coating option available on request.



Cluster Bracket

Used when installing front screens onto a cluster.– 80mm x 80mm fixing plate to accommodate metal leg structure or panel leg.

Bullet Bracket

Used when installing frameless plexiglass or glass screens.


Used to attach floor based screens to under desk top.

Double Cluster Bracket

Used when installing front and side screens and a pole is used. 80mm x 160mm fixing plate to accommodate metal leg structure or panel leg.

Left/Right Hand Bracket

Desk top bracket – Used when installing a single front screen.

Table Bracket

Used in conjunction with our big centre extrusion. Bracket allows tops to be suspended and use screens as desk legs.


Poles & Connectors​

Triangular Pole and Cap
Square Pole and Cap
Screen to Screen Connector

An H piece of aluminium is used to connect desk or floor based screens in a straight line. No pole needed.

Screen to Pole Connector

This connector is used in conjunction with the pole to create a 90 degree, 3-way or 4-way junction.

3 Way Junction

1 pole plus cap and 3 screen to pole connectors.

4 Way Junction

1 pole plus cap and 4 screen to pole connectors.

90 Degree Junction


1 pole plus cap and 2 screen to pole connectors.

120 Degree Junction

1 triangular pole plus cap and 3 screen to pole connectors.