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Hello Everyone,                                    favourite colour is pink!                          I love pink!
                                                   My human brother, Mike, drove us home that         I am very good at obeying cues, such as “sit”,
My name is Aylee and I am a puppy in               day, while I slept in the foot well of the car     “down”, “upsit”, “stand”, “watch” and “let’s
training for the Guide Dogs Association of         with my new friend “Baa Buttons” - he’s a          go”, but I’m still trying to figure out why my
South Africa.                                      cuddly soft-toy sheep that my brother bought       humans keep saying “off” every time I try and
Every year this Association aims to breed          for me. I get to spend a lot of time with Mike     climb on the furniture. I was allowed to climb
between 100 and 120 puppies who will               because he’s mainly responsible for my             on the furniture at Seats Ahead and nobody
dedicate their lives to work as guide dogs or      training and I am always keen to please him        told me to “get off”
service dogs or even autism dogs.                  because he rewards me with yummy treats -          Every week I attend puppy training at the
I was born on the 17th of July 2017 at the         so I tend to follow him around like a shadow       Association grounds and our group has an
Association. I am a part of the “A” litter, which  when he’s home.                                    awesome puppy supervisor who does all our
means that my siblings and I all have names        After a long drive, we arrived at my new           training. Her name is Monica and we all love
starting with the letter “A”.                      home where I met my big brother Dom - he’s         her - maybe it’s her high-pitched voice that
I have 1 brother and 4 sisters. My sister,         cool because he has a hairy face and he            gets us all excited or maybe it’s her “magic”
Alaska, is part of our training group as well      gives me relaxing doggy massages when he           treats that can persuade any puppy to do just
(we train with the “XY” litter) and my other       comes home from work.                              about anything she asks.
siblings are currently in training in Cape         Later I met my human daddy, Cindo - he             My new human family will be puppy training
Town.                                              can be very strict with me, * he doesn’t let       and socialising me and of course showering
During the first 7 weeks of my life, I was         me chew the furniture (I don’t know why,           me with all the love that every puppy
raised, trained & nurtured by a special group      because it tastes good to me!) but he sneaks       deserves, for about one year. At this point,
of volunteers in the puppy block. Amongst          me a treat when my mommy isn’t looking, so         I will return to the Guide Dogs Association
other things they taught us little things like     I like him.                                        for my formal training to determine which
the cue “sit” and how to wear our Guide Dog        I have a doggy sister too - her name is Sandy      important line of work I will do.
jackets.                                           and she’s also a Labrador, but she’s got           I know I’ll miss my human family
At seven and a half weeks, I said goodbye          “blonde” hair and she’s much bigger than me.       tremendously when the time comes, but I
to these amazing people, my siblings and           I like her, but I think she gets tired of me when  also know that they will always love me and
my doggy mom and I was introduced to my            I want to play all the time.                       be super proud of me and the work that I will
human family.                                      I have a comfy bed and tons of toys (including     be doing when I am providing another human
First I met my human mommy. I think she fell       my pink squid - “Sir Inkalot”), but as you can     with companionship and a special kind of
in love with me immediately (but that’s just       imagine, I prefer to sleep at my mommy’s           love that only an extraordinary puppy, like
my opinion). She is the perfect mommy for          feet and my favourite thing to chew are my         me, can give.
me because we have so much in common               mommy’s old pink slippers - I told you that
- both our names start with “A” (her name is
Adelina), we both have black hair and our

                                                                                                        Aylee photographed
                                                                                                        here with a “Grown
                                                                                                        Up” Holly from 2016.
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